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Dream, Plan, Possibility, Reality

Rushing through the night sky

Shooting star

Your guiding light

Patterns forming

Your futures looking bright


Watching you wish float on by


Dreams faded

Shouldn’t have waited

The moments passed


The first part of the poem is about grabbing opportunities while we can. This can be done by planning to seek out those opportunities and acting upon them eventually leading to  fulfilment. The second half of the poem is the possible consequence for not acting upon these important moments and opportunities in life. As you can see dreams can fade and the moment can pass, chose what to act on and what to let pass.

My next blog post will be on planning your writing dreams and some of my plans for the future.

Keep writing and posting!



Where’s My Muse?

Sometimes when you feel uninspired, you can doubt yourself your ability and this can throw you into turmoil of whether to carry on writing or to try something else. The chance are if your doubting this you are in the same position as many people who love writing but have lost their muse, here are my tips to finding it again. Hopes this helps you as it helps me.

Mild writers block

For those who have a little block in there writing try taking a nap or go for a walk to refresh the brain and to resume clarity.

Looking for an idea?

Read everything signs around you at the bus stop, while shopping, on a day trip. If you look the chances are you will notice something that no one else will have. This could result in a perfect setting for a story, how to improve an advert or a poem about what you think of something who may have been her, their story.

Look at the people around you observe, look out for characters create their story as you imagine what they are thinking feeling and make them who you want to be. What their appearance is may not actually be what their personality is.

Read newspapers and articles and watch documentaries, if it makes you feel something write it down. If it’s only random words you can think of write them down and come back to them at a later date.

Tip – always have a pen and paper at hand or learn how to use the notes page in your phone, never miss an opportunity for something to write about. If you are thinking about it the chances are someone would like to hear about it or is thinking about that topic.

Finding your muse

If your uninspired find something that makes you tick, feed off the emotion. Look at national and local news, of your favourite landmark or place to go is being knocked down tell people about it.

Tip- highlight articles or headings that are of interesting, file them away for reference at a later date.

Serious cases of writers block

Why not do something out of the ordinary, different out of character and become a new character, you never know it may be the one you were looking for all along.

Whatever you do don’t try and control your writing it should flow with ease, don’t try to rush it and don’t stop doing something you love.

Whatever type of writer you are a lot can happen from what’s around you historic places, nature, people, music.

Look, read, listen, take in be inspired!

Good luck writing guys

Writers Block

Staring at the papering wondering what to write

Brain won’t shut down

Yet the writing is a blur

Nothing productive

What a waste of a night



Writers block is something that can affect everyone, it doesn’t matter what type of writer you are sometimes it just doesn’t flow.

My next blog will be on personal writing tips for writers block, remember you’re not alone.


Dreams are supposed to be the minds way of allowing the subconscious to be explored and an analysis of what is going on in a person life.

I recently had a strange dream; I was in an office a lady clearly an editor of a magazine tells me sorry that my poem has not been accepted into their publication. I said that is fine and carried on working, I was helping older teens who were struggling with their work to better themselves.

The dream then moved on to me confront people who I worked with who I felt weren’t listening to me giving me a fair chance in the job has was doing due to my youth.

I have recently Graduate with a strong degree and I am currently exploring my career options the dream definitely analysed and showed a strong representation of my confusion.

the dream contain a refusal from a magazine article, I often write poetry however I have never entered a magazine competition I usually just file away the writing as I am collecting them for a book in which I plan to self publish in the future. This has had me thinking about my future as a writer whether to keep me poetry and share with others at a later date or get it out there now.

Could it be my failure of refusal that is stopping me from entering into competitions or am I just not ready to share that part of me with the world. This is something I need to seriously consider and act upon it, in a way I feel is best for me.

I want to be a university lecturer as well as a writer, I would love to help those with a lack of confidence bring them out of their shell and help them be who they want to be. I have had some brilliant lectures that have helped me shine and with my thirst for knowledge and to further myself, I want to do this.

My dream may be trying to tell me that this is possible a way of mind telling me I can do this and achieve it, I see this as another long term goal which I am starting to believe is achievable. It will take time and money but is achievable.

As for the part of my dream about standing up to those who won’t listen to me I will fight to be heard but without showing my youth, I will be successful but without losing myself I will achieve without others thinking they have won and I will do it for myself no one else.

The dream has allowed me to think and analyse my thought and my life that it should be for self-gratification and not for anyone else. My destiny is my destiny no one else’s.

Keep reading to see what happens.

Death of the Media or fresh start on a new path?

Death of the Media or fresh start on a new path?

The Media a source for good used to promote inform on global activities or this is what its main use once was, recent activities have changed the aspect of media and possibly the public’s view forever.

The media used in different forms socially such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs personal and business the internet advertisements, emails, television, notice boards, music, radio and other forms. However the most traditional form of media but still a successful form is newspapers.

The statement don’t believe what you read never a truer word spoken, although ironically it is probably the truth which is the most headline hitting aspect of the media and how they come by the media.

The media was once commonly known for being a bit evasive with the truth being more accurate than ever.  Is this a Coincidence? How about possibly more accurate sources? Is it In-depth research and more sources through modern technology?

All these reasons could be a viable possibility for the advance in information, who would have thought newspapers would stoop so low that to sell their publications they would resort to bribery, phone hacking and other poor forms of collecting information. Once a media savvy game of who is the best and quickest to report stories now a game of malicious intent forced upon the mass media.

Too far ,but is there any going back from here can the media be ever trusted again feeding the minds of the innocent with what can only be described as ill gotten gains, truths that should not have been revealed.

The UK economy is in disarray, yet a scandal as this could weaken the economy further that can trust what they are seeing or hearing. Doubt in the public’s minds, the customers and what about the victims?

Well we have stopped hearing about them, full concentration on those who wrong through the media, names still in public view. Is this really fair they are not the wrongs suffering for what they have done they will simply move on.

Some have called for a ‘Hippocratic oath ‘of the media world, others just want answers of why. For the media, especially tabloids to recover have a future something needs to be put in place and changes made. Will the media to be trusted again? Probably not but something has to be done.

At the moment the media newspaper in particular are in turmoil but eventually this could be the beginning of new things for the media a fresh start that could change things for the better something that may not have happened if the truth about the media had not been revealed.

Only time will tell but everyone is watching.


Cancer Gene

The cancer gene it is becoming more common for people to want to know their genes, what makes them who they are?

Although this begs the question has science gone too far? A prediction of your fate through your genetic system, will it really help you knowing what your future may hold due to a gene you have, putting a hold and time limit on your life on something that is so limited without worrying over a prediction that could be years into the future.

Should people be able to live their lives without this worry and should you be able to find out the genetic results? Or is this a form of preparation for the future and what may it hold, a human right given to us by the advances in technology.

The testing of the cancer gene is a huge decision in which a future can be set out through a blood sample. This could be a preparation for the future, but were does it stop, do you get your child tested? Will the result from this test stop you from having children, rush you into having them early if you have the cancer gene?

Is this unnecessary fear mongering or vital information? Then were does the gene searching stop, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease or some other possible genetic illness that you could inherit. Do you test for them all and count down the day for the first symptom?

Something’s are controllable, preventable, but proving you have a possibility of getting something can’t cure it. Gene testing is a personal preference it cannot be taken lightly it can show a glimpse into your future, a glimpse that may not be the answer you are looking for or want, but it’s the answer for those who wish to take it.

Restoring faith in human kindness

Restoring faith in human kindness

They may have been huge loss in faith by many people over the recent media scandals, but a recent event in Denmark has shown that not everyone in the world has ill intentions.

An anonymous donor has left £120,000 outside of a Red Cross charity shop. The donor left a note saying that they had collected for forty years. This really lovely genuine act however the police want to contact the donors to make sure it is not tied with a criminal act.

This brings forward a question of is it morally right to ask were the money is from? The money has been donated in an act of kindness whether it was earned within ill gotten gains or genuinely saved from someone’s hard earned work, the money has been donated for a purpose of good to improve the lives others.

Although if the donated money is accepted, without questions being asked would this be society possibly having a blind eye when it comes to right and wrong?

Is society even right to question this donation? The answer is who knows, is it one of those mysteries which should remain that a mystery and be accepted as a generous gift that can help changes ones opinions of the world and the people that are within it. It has certainly changed my opinion, that not everyone in the world are liars, cheats and out for themselves and no one else.

Also has anyone thought of the person who has donated the larger some of life earned savings? This is probably not. This is a generous gift that has restored my faith in human kindness that is clearly still out there in the world.

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