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I have recently graduated University with a strong degree but I have come down to earth with an almighty bang.

This therefore is a difficult blog to write, the job climate is worse than ever and finding employment is a task and a half.

The entering of the rat race, would come as a quite a pleasing solution. As at the current time the stress of trying to find employment has resulted in frequent migraines and sickness.  The situation has consequently started to rapidly sap the positivity from the soul, turning it rapidly into negativity through the rejection and its cruel process.

Life is turning into a conveyor belt going from person to person, signing papers, sending letters, and dealing with the hard knocks of rejection.

Hopefully they will be more options for work soon as I feel I am wasting away my skills that I have worked so hard to gain.

I was aware that  job hunting wouldn’t be easy but so far it is very disheartening and with limited opportunities that make me feel that my degree was a waste. Maybe this will lead me in a different direction, who knows?

However it is a learning curve of life and a right of passage everyone must go through however difficult, the key is to try and remain as  positive as possible and keep applying for jobs.


Well at least there’s time for writing and that can only be a positive result.



Comments on: "Welcome to the real world ……………………." (5)

  1. totally agree – life is disheartening and mean!

  2. evocative embrace said:

    I have been there…and have learned that it is a matter of shifting your focus…focus on the solution not the problem….with both feet in possibility! Not one in …this sucks, i can’t get a job and the other in I am going to work at x place tomorrow!

    Leap….trust that…focus on the solution..clearly identify your goals…keep a positive attitude..those are things you can control..and things that will open doors…sending you positive energy!

  3. Honey, I SO feel you about this. I’ve been through it, went back to school to avoid it and live it now again. You are right about fighting with the best weapon: joy, positivity, and a little dodge 😉 If you let it do, it’ll eat you alive, it you brace yourself positively and take what comes in whatever it is, you’ll always have a way out to something good 🙂

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