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Power of Friendship

You have known me the least,

You know me the most,

A ever burning presence,

Fought through the ash,

By my side every day,

Forever more till we know each other,

No more.

Hear me roar

Can you hear me?

Hear me roar,

The fire in my belly,


Can’t be tamed,

Hear me roar,

Won’t be hidden,


Won’t be lost in the wild,

Hear me roar,

This lion can’t be tamed.


Left virtually numb today,

Not sure what to do,

Not sure what to say,

Shouldn’t wallow in self pity,

Can’t help but feel this way,

For life is unfair,


But we must fight,

I know you will.

Shells on the shore

Perfection from the sea,

Cracked in form,

Washed upon the shores,

From the broken tide,

Beauty is what you can see,

Or maybe just the broken shell,

Broken in the fight to remain whole.


Tormented by your soul,

In the whispering of the night,

Like the wind howling down my ear,

Chilling to the bone.

Birds egg












Forced rejection,

Unloved and unwanted,

Or the actions of someone,

Misguided and cruel.

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes


I am always me,

But sometimes try to walk,

A mile in someone else shoes,


What they feel,

Transpire onto paper,

And into the minds of others.

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