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For all of you who do and don’t know November is writing month. The challenge is to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

I have never tried to write a book before for those of you who follow my blog will be aware most of my writing consists of poetry and articles, so this is a huge challenge.

I have an initial idea a plan in my head nothing set in stone therefore I am just going to go with it and see where it takes me. At this current stage my expectations are not high and I am just going to do my best and see where it takes me.

To my fellow writers good luck


A Soulf For Sale

A soul for sale,

Pure and white,

On the blackest night,

Never faulted,

Never fallen,

Price negotiable,

For your delight,

On this the blackest night.

Happy Halloween










Who says I don’t suffer for my art! Trust me I’m still removing the make-up. I had a really fun night on Saturday getting into the Halloween spirit and dressing as a Zombie Human Resource Officer. (There is a joke in there )

I had fun with the face paints to get the zombie look; I made my nails look like they are covered in blood. I made a mortuary tag to go with my blood covered white shirt.





Are you doing anything this Halloween? Feel free to share links to your poems, stories and pictures.

Thanks for reading



Halloween poem-

Pumpkin faces,

Soup delight,

Scooped out fruit inside,

Warming in the mouth,

On a cold Halloween night,


The wind howling,

The break of darkness,

Children dress, witches, goblins, ghouls,

Candy filling their bags,

Screeching with delight,


Stories by the fire,

Marshmallows on sticks,

Until dawn breaks,

Happy Halloween,










Meet again

You’re sleeping,

While I’m wide awake,

Looking at you,

From above,

Life is a waiting game,

Till we meet again.

Just For Fun

I was tweeted suggestion for a poem” Pick a favourite thing and an unfavoured thing and a colour then mix them into a poem about food.”

I’m not sure it quite worked out how it should but it does include favourite thing, no so favourite things, food and the colour pink.

Rude people,

The bane of society,

Should be splattered with cheap ice cream,

On freezing days,

Warm soup,

When the sun shines,

Ignored by the mass,

While the polite folk eat pink candy floss,

Nobody fooling anyone,

Pink roses blossoming,

Oh how I would love a chocolate muffin.

Just Dreaming


Lying here under the covers,

Hoping one day to be discovered,

The worst part of my day,

Is the disappointment in your eyes.

Pocket of pleasure

Devilish desire,

My pocket of pleasure,

Reminding you,

Your still alive.

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