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Barbed Wire


Like barbed wire in the skin,

Remove with pliers,

Dowse with disinfectant,

Still embedded,

For all to see.


Not a stickler for rules


Just don’t do me wrong.

Lost Girl – Zoie Palmer (Dr Lauren)

This poem and montage is part of a joint project I have been working on, headed up by Jordan Thane.
Dr Lauren (Zoie),
We think you rock,
If these words could jump off the page,
They would intertwine,
Into much more than a simple rhyme,

With eyes that make us feel,
More powerful than dynamite,
More mesmerising,
Than the dazzling sun,
On a summers day,

Your honesty and integrity,
Seen at every glimpse,
With an air of mystery,
Leaves us hanging on our seats,
For this we thank you…
Penned by the lovely Kirsty @WriteItFeelIt

(Jordan) I wanted to make a montage that highlighted the crazy and fun things you get to do in your ‘job’! 🙂
An Average Day At Work AKA How Is This Real?!! :
Swayed by a succubus, Tequila Shots, Foot Autopsy, Undercover work, Basilisk blood harvest, SpiderHeart Extraction, Crime Scene Analysis, Sleeping on the job, Fae animation, You keep What in your pantry?!
How to bake the perfect cupcake, Pyjama party, Reminiscing, Couch yoga, Hanging with Pod People, Drink O’clock, And out of your mind, back in 5

We hope you enjoy it!! 🙂
Jordan @indianajane72 Kelly @KAJ112
Kirsty @WriteItFeelIt Curt @Faenonymous
Audrey @smellycat1304 Marilyn @Rocarangi
Christian @Azgurl27


We’re all running from our past,

Fighting to catch something,

Or fighting to be caught,

Jumping at our shadow,

Trying to forget,

That pieces of the puzzle,

We just want to lose,

You make me feel safer,

You’re everything I want to be,

As you try to hide that piece,

You hold my heart in your hand.

Faeday Celebrations Update

The deadline of December 3rd is rapidly approaching!

Do you want to be part of the Faeday project, we so far have 25 pictures from France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Norway, Australia, Brazil, Nepal, UK, Texas, Arizona, Ontario Canada and Poland.

If you would like to be part of this celebration email your photo with the following: HAPPY FAEDAY from Place and Country.

You can send me your picture to :

The deadline is December 3rd.


Thank you


On behalf of Marilyn

Ridding the waves

Laughed when you said you weren’t sure,

Now stood on the same shire,

Watching the waves around me,

Same fears and frustrations,

Wonder where you are now?


Laughed when you said you weren’t sure,

Now stood on the same shire,

Watching the waves around me,

Same fears and frustrations,

Wonder where you are now?

Burning on the fire

Everyday can be a fight for survival for many people whether it’s your skin colour, hair colour height, disability or ability, possibly something else.

I have wrote a poem in honour of all of us who have to fight everyday just to be ourselves in what can be a cruel world.


Fighting to get out of this box,

The old book,

Gathering dust,

It does not have the same cover,

As other,

Victim of our ways,

Victim of your ignorance,

Book ripped to shreds,

As you can translate,

Burnt on a fire,

Not to keep you warm,

Or to lighten your world,

But because you don’t understand.


If anyone would like to share their struggles or their ‘fight’ for survival please let me know on the comments or via twitter and I’ll get back to you. The reason I ask as I would like to make a poem possibly a video or article to represent people with your permission.


Many thanks


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