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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Good luck to everyone in 2012 may all of your dreams come true.

Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog in the last six months I appreciate it from my heart.


Open my calendar,

The first of the year,

The pages are bare but plenty of time for planning.


For those who have ever loved and lost

For those who have ever loved and lost,

Insert correct name her……

Dear john/Jane,

Oh how I’ve longed for you to tell you how i feel,

For you have never noticed me,

But I have to tell you now,

Before it’s too late


All the anger,

Passion, fire,

Burning inside,



Pushed to one side.

Discovered my favourite word

Here I am.

Crazy is, what crazy is


Maybe you are,

Maybe I am,

I heard in a story once,

That the best people are,

But maybe you’re the crazy one,

For judging others,

So maybe hold your tongue.



Sorry I haven’t been around much,

Sorry I haven’t been here,

Life’s been a bit crazy,

But you can take solace in the fact,

I’m never gone long


Heart on a plate


As I lay part of my heart on a plate,

Another piece gets crushed,

Part of me destroyed,

Scared to reveal more,

I shrivel up inside,

As I turn the page.

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