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You can’t pretend in this life

Pick up the pieces,

Cover them in cheap sticky tape,

And cover the cracks,

With glitter and shiny paper,

Tell everyone it’s beautiful,

Like you are totally convinced yourself,

I’ve got news for you!

You can’t just pretend,

That you live in perfection,

that your life is perfect,

It is not.

Sunk in foundations

Crumbling bricks and stone,

Sunk in foundations,

We will repair them,


As one,

As others just look on,

At what they caused,

Humanity what is that?

Your lights shining so bright,

Your foundations solid,

Why would you care.

Alien in my cupboard

There’s an alien in my cupboard,
I can see his green glow,
Will he dare to get out of the cupboard,
I hide under the sheets,
The glow is getting stronger is he coming out,
Has curiosity got the better,
Has his mind made up,
Is it even a he,
Will he suck my mind,
Brainwash me like they do,
Hit me and tease me like they do,
Friend or foe,
Let me know,
As I’m too terrified to sleep.

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Sun stops shining


Marshmallow clouds,

Soft pillows,

That release your teas,

When your sun fails to shine.


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Bubble Bath

These bubbles in the bath,
Cranberry and orange,
Tingling the sensation,
Relaxing, freeing the mind,
Mind drifting,
These bubbles aren’t bubbles,
They’re taking over the water,
I’m beginning to choke,
Can’t breathe,
Trying not to panic,
How do I stop them growing,
Before it’s too late,
Let the water out!!!
Someone shouts,
Rescued by a simple act,
Oh how many of us,

Could have done with that life saving act.




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