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Awards Thank You



Blog Awards


Since starting this blog in July 2011 I have been so lucky to have as many views and followers and have even been nominated for blog awards from some of these lovely readers.


The first award is the Liebster award nominated by Martin please take a look at his site:


As well as this Martin also nominate me for the  7×7 Link award  and the Candle Lighter Award, this deserves a special thank you,



I have also been awarded the Versatile blogger award by Darkasean please take a look at this site:  Thank you for this award.


Also Parry has nominated me for this award at thank you.


Please take a look at these blogs who have nominated me for these awards I appreciate them greatly.



Comments on: "Awards Thank You" (6)

  1. Lovely, Kirsty – all well deserved and I’m sure there will be many more for you. Keep writing, Kirsty, keep believing and keep smiling – never give up and the sky will be yours to touch 🙂

  2. SO many congratulations and good wishes are in order for you, Kirsty. I am so glad you nominated Martin. It is wonderful to know talented, blogging poets feel about Martin’s poetry blog as I do!

  3. i have been given this award 4 times now but computers cant accpet these things same as they still cant send photos oneday they may simplify so all people can do and accept these things i just have to turn it down each time maybe in another hundred yeareven the everdya normal computer user will be able to excpet these awards and do basic stuff on computer.but good luck to you for bieng offered it.

  4. computers arent capable of doing anything apart from clicking on webpages printers print copying machines copy and it will never change not in my life time and iam not a computer engineer these are only people meant to do these modern technical things becuase they do software and at 40 pounds a hour i think thats a bit steep .no i feel if computers were meant to do these things they would and they arent not in this life time.iam yet to see a miracle bill gates should have simplifed things to everyday users level and he hasnt .

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