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Candle Lighter Award

Candle Lighter Award

I have been given another award, this time by Martin Shone  Thank you very much

The Candle Lighter Award is an award for a post or blog that is positive and brings light into the world.

The Candle Lighter Award belongs to those who believe, who always survive the day and who never stop dreaming, who do not quit but keep trying.

There are no rules. If you wish to, simply accept it and you are done! You are also free to decline or ignore it.  Recipients can pass it on to as many nominees as they wish and as often as they wish.


I would like to pass this on to:

January blues


The dark days of January,

Not a penny in your pocket,

The frost in the air,

Don’t breathe too deeply,

Or the cold will take your breath away,


Will the days ever be brighter?

Maybe the sun is going to fall out of the sky,

Snow up to your knees,

Flowerless tress,

Can’t wait to see them blossom again.

That pain doctors can’t cure

When I see your face!

I wonder what I can walk in front of,

Is it big, fast moving, will it be quick,


When I hear your name,

I want to eat glass,

Because i think it will be easier to stomach,


My alternative reality,

A world of my own,

Even includes you!


If I could say anything to you,

It would be just……………

Fuck you!


I can’t even bring myself to hurt you,

I just hate you from the depth of my soul,

Every piece of my cold, black heart.




Life in the fast lane

Life in the fast lane,

Take a break slow down,


Life in the fast lane,

You’re cute, love you, marry me, it’s over.


Life in the fast lane,

Be who you want to be,


Life in the fast lane,

You’re wasting your life, as you go,


Life in the fast lane,

Do you think you’re going to slow?


Life in the fast lane,

Open your eyes, there’s so much to see,


Life in the fast lane,

Can you even here me,


Life in the fast lane,

Do you think there the one?


Life in the fast lane,

How would you know?


Life in the fast lane,

Your life will soon be gone,


Life in the fast lane,

Take a break before it’s too late,


Life in the fast lane,

You will soon see those pearly white gates.






Tea and Toast

The breadcrumbs of life,

All the hot buttery toast,

With a few tea stains too,

How many stains have you got?

Can you remove them or,

Are they permanent?

On your white sheets,

Did you have long to wait,

Do you like your tea milky or black?

Are you a drinker often?

Or will you being going back to coffee?





Inside my head


Fears, tears,

Conscious, solace

Command, conquer,

Happiness, fruitfulness,

Poor, looser

Burnt into the eyelids,

Read every time.

My little cupcake

Sweet, tempting,

Unwrapping you with care,

Gentle and delicately,

Your beauty radiant,

Your colour vibrant,

Pink and silky, smooth,

Desire and longing,

As I try not to stare.

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