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Cold Air Whispers

Cold air whispers,

Passed your ear,

Was warm a second ago,

Where did the chill come from?

Just like the click of your fingers,

It disappears,

Looking over your shoulder,

All around,

Strange you think,

Like wondering eyes,

You feel,

Taping on the window,

Nothing there,

Maybe it’s the branch of the tree,

Paranoia in the daylight,

Then you carry on,

Until the strange day is gone,

And you are not alone.

Losing you

Slipped through the crack,
They eye could not see,
Drowned in tranquillity,
And swallowed,
Pain free,
The ice became a painless escape,
In the murky waters,
In which my last breathe was caught,
And lost,
In a moment of deep despair,
As I lost sight of your face.

The Lie

The mouth not spoken is of truer kind,

Than ones that’s mouth spews utter lies,

For you are a failure to human kind,

For deceit is learnt,

Like you did,

Passed on it will be,

A spawn or two,

Turmoil will reign,

Through you,

While I watch and enjoy the quaint view.




The opposite of sunshine,

Perhaps for the better,

Weary travellers it brightens they’re way,

Sense of being,

In the dark,

Lone traveller,

You are not alone,

Follow the moon as it shines,

Freely you can roam,

An be,

As long as you can see part of me,

Your moon shine.

Service with a smile ;-)

Service with a smile,

I’ve had punches in the face,

That were more polite,

Spiders scare you less,

And more likely to give you the right change,

So you may even go back,

And they call the youth rude,

Customer service issues?

Just a few.

Sixth Sense

It’s funny,

It can be so lonely,

You can see,

What no one else can,

Not like ghost’s if vampires,

But a sense all the same,

Maybe a sixth sense,

Or part of you,

That just won’t lie down,

Be tamed.





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