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Inspiration Desperation



The mind blank,

So I went for a walk on a winter afternoon,

Soon, the snow deep to my waist,

Snowflakes hitting me in the face,

The blizzard restricted my view,

The blood felt like it couldn’t flow,

I lost the feeling in my fingers and toes,

Will I get home to write again?

Why couldn’t I find the words?

Open my mind to the world around,

A silly way to get inspired,

But the truth is I’ve lost all feeling,

And may never be able to write,






Comments on: "Inspiration Desperation" (9)

  1. I am sure you will!!!

    A lovely poem.

    We have had no snow yet this winter but we are expecting some tomorrow!!


  2. Hoping your writers block passes soon.
    I’ve got the pseudo-winter blahs myself…

  3. fuonlyknew said:

    A wonderful poem! Thank you for sharing it. Something will happen and you will be writing again.:)

  4. like it – ocasionally I get stuck at work with a problem, if i go for a walk at lunchtime for some reason i often end up with a way forward – sounds like your walk was too cold for that 😉

    Bye the way had a look at your you tube vid and thought it was brilliant

  5. I KNOW this was written after one of your morning tweets about FREE-EEE-ZZZINGGG! This is when a stylus recognition software program comes in handy, right? Very neat poem here. I like it.

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