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Primary school,

Chewed up spit out,

Pushed and shoved,


Secondary school I go,

Chewed up spit out,

College will be different,


Struggled through,

I fought,

I won,


University I graduated a 2.1,

Off to find a job I go,

Chewed up and spit out,


Here we go again,

As they look you up and down,

Like school all over again,


Pushing and shoving,

Of a different kind,

Chewed up and spit out by society.


Comments on: "Chewed up and spit out by society" (8)

  1. fuonlyknew said:

    You nailed it again! This brings back so many memories. As we get older we realize we were not the only ones. Thanks so much for the lovely poem! Will be showing this around!:)

  2. You have inspired me to write my own interpretation of the same situation and feeling.

    Rewind back the years
    Not a care at all
    The innocence now lost
    Reality hits

    Hoping fortunes turn
    Unprepared for the fall
    Pressures are applied
    Amongst the spit

    On the pavement
    One inch tall
    A sense of deflation
    Feeling of worthlessness

    Stand up and be counted
    Face the challenges in life
    It will end in elation
    Need to get of this mess

  3. Thank you James were both feeling the same thing fight of flight. If I could go back to being 17 / 18 I would 😉

  4. Original Karlology said:

    one of those great poems that everyone can relate to at least once in their life x

  5. Oh, dear one, I have been aching for you as your jobhunt, as you have expressed in some of your tweets. It is so very difficult for creative types to fit themselves into one of the molds these companies seem to be looking for! Thank goodness, I also had a lot of technical ability and could hide behind being a geek most of my “dayjob” working life! Keep pounding at every single publisher and advertising company, no matter how small! Seek out online editing. Your poems could easily morph into very nifty advertising campaigns, it would seem to me. With a small company, you could be a jill-of-all-trades, do you think? Praying for you!

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