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The opposite of sunshine,

Perhaps for the better,

Weary travellers it brightens they’re way,

Sense of being,

In the dark,

Lone traveller,

You are not alone,

Follow the moon as it shines,

Freely you can roam,

An be,

As long as you can see part of me,

Your moon shine.

Comments on: "Moonshine" (1)

  1. Lovely, lilting reminder of our moonlit walks on summer nights back in the rural location of my childhood. I still love to go out in my yard a little ways to stand in the moonlight on clear nights. My daughter used to be taken outside to ooh and aah over the moon as a toddler down in Mobile. She still loves the moon over the East River in Manhattan. A favorite blog of mine “What Eye See the Eye Sees” by nikkisimages showed on her last post a wonderful moonlit cruise on the East River!

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