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Survival of the creative

I don’t know anything about you,

They say ignorance is bliss,

Your brain works the same too,

A heart of curiosity,

Soul as big as the ocean,

Google won’t give me an answer,

Its ability,

Not a disability,

Just look at the creativity,

It took to get you here,

A fighter,

With the same burning desire,

As any other women or man,

Your height is not your final answer,

Or the first question they should ask.


Image in front of you

Happy Valentines everyone!

Thank you lovely followers I am now conscious that there is a lot of you and that you all work really hard blogging, writing, creating and that I may be overlooking some of you lovely lot. If I am not following your blog and you are following me. Please leave me a comment and I will follow back.


This poem is about not seeing and I dedicate it to you, you lovely lot.


Click, click, click,

I hear you clicking,

Click, click, click,


Click, click, click ,

You’re seeing through the lens,

Click, click, click,


Click, click, click ,

But have you seeing what’s blurring,

Click, click, click,


I Click, click, click ,

in front of you its fading,

Click, click, click ,


Click, click, click,

The picture you’re taking

Click, click, click,


Click, click, click,

It’s not real,

Click, click, click,


Love Kirsty



Slurp of rain


He drank the rain,

As it fell from the sky,

People looked in disgust,

Shunned and walked by,

For water is a life source,

A slurp kept the man alive,

His soul long gone,

Sapped from him,

And all you can do,

Is be thankful its not you.

Blink of an eye

Life passes by,

Like a blink of the eye,


Opportunity comes,

It floats on by,


What have you done today,

Or has it flown by,


I found a new goal today,

Let’s not let if flutter by,


Two may young lost,

Wave as they pass by,


Move on to a place,

Were life will not wither away.

Chewed up and spit out by society


Primary school,

Chewed up spit out,

Pushed and shoved,


Secondary school I go,

Chewed up spit out,

College will be different,


Struggled through,

I fought,

I won,


University I graduated a 2.1,

Off to find a job I go,

Chewed up and spit out,


Here we go again,

As they look you up and down,

Like school all over again,


Pushing and shoving,

Of a different kind,

Chewed up and spit out by society.

Ripped up glossy magazines

Ripped up glossy magazines,

Cut out eyes,

Ears and nose,

Put them on the paper,

Move them around,

Have you got the right colour?

Think there’s a bump in the nose,

Swap it for a new one,

Perfect it is,

Scratched out mirrors,

And the paper in front of you.

Response to curiosity killed the cat

The cat had lived a life of wealth,

Milk in his tummy,

Had a litter or two,

With the cat he chose,

To be his love,

Watched them grow from kitten,

Into beautiful cats they became,

He explored in his lifetime,

Till that fateful day came,

Can you say, you did the same?

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