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Sweat dripping,

Soaking clothes,

Trying to hide the shaking,

Keep glancing at the clock,

Hope I don’t seem rude,

I’m just making sure,

I’m still alive.





Head held high


I finally bit the bullet and joined my first self defence class and granted I was nervous and a fish out of water trying its best not to die.

So my first lesson learned and probably one of the most important was to walk confident with your head held high without my iPod in.

Of course I learned physical and verbal defence moves, but learning to walk without my earphones in was very strange. This is something in which I have done since I was 11 a habit hard to break, so I decided to take a walk without my music and see what happened.


Head held high,

Neck twitching,

Pulling to the ground,


The cow mooed,

I jumped out of my skin,

Let’s hope no one was watching,


A bird singing sweetly,

Nature’s music,

Although I do miss my rock, pop and rap.


The roaring motorbike,

The engine backfire,

I did not jump,


My step has more of swing,

Like a drum and it’s beat,

Hold your heads high.



Learn, Fight, Everyday!


Hello Everyone,

Sorry if you are feeling neglected I haven’t stopped writing I am just going through a strange period in my life were everything is unsure and writing is not the main thing on my mind. So here is a little poem from me to you.

Just so you don’t feel completely neglected.

Thank you for the continued support and I wish you all the best.





Learn, Fight, Everyday!


I am learning,

I am fighting,

Every day,


Every breath,

I am creating,

Every day,


I am surviving,

I just didn’t know,

Every day,


Open your eyes,

Life is a mountain,

Every day,


Not a stroll up a hill,

And down the other side,

It’s an Every day fight.


Broken wings

Whispering in the wind,

Tormenting of the soul,

Doubtful and unrest,

Suppressing of the soul,

As the bird tries to fly,

 With its broken wings.







How do you cope?





How do you hide?





How do you turn the tide?


Sea of Red

My little mind does wander,
Through the fields and yonder,

Through poppies,
sea of red,

The path of bloodshed,
All the pain suffered,

The feelings muffled,
Bitter silence,

Of the unknown,
Torture and malice.

Ice Breaking

Ice breaking,

Like a crushing heart,

Water gushing through,

The gaps,

Like the sorrow,

The water fills the earth,

Fills the soul.

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