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Welcome to the real world …………………….


I have recently graduated University with a strong degree but I have come down to earth with an almighty bang.

This therefore is a difficult blog to write, the job climate is worse than ever and finding employment is a task and a half.

The entering of the rat race, would come as a quite a pleasing solution. As at the current time the stress of trying to find employment has resulted in frequent migraines and sickness.  The situation has consequently started to rapidly sap the positivity from the soul, turning it rapidly into negativity through the rejection and its cruel process.

Life is turning into a conveyor belt going from person to person, signing papers, sending letters, and dealing with the hard knocks of rejection.

Hopefully they will be more options for work soon as I feel I am wasting away my skills that I have worked so hard to gain.

I was aware that  job hunting wouldn’t be easy but so far it is very disheartening and with limited opportunities that make me feel that my degree was a waste. Maybe this will lead me in a different direction, who knows?

However it is a learning curve of life and a right of passage everyone must go through however difficult, the key is to try and remain as  positive as possible and keep applying for jobs.


Well at least there’s time for writing and that can only be a positive result.


Consciences or profit

Pondering over whether asking someone at the till if they would like to buy something like stamps or a phone top is trivial or not, was embarrassing to say the least when I got asked the same question. I either looked remarkably stupid as at that moment of time  as I could not process what the cashier had just asked or maybe I looked like something from another planet.

This somewhat proves my point of  what  I was lulling over, whether it is a question of  trying to lure someone into the midst of impulse buying is morally wrong.

Organisations try to meet targets by encouraging  impulse buying this  may be a clever marketing ploy, but what about asking someone to buy something who will say yes but not understanding the concept of what they are saying yes too. This could be a morally wrong process that is feeding upon the vulnerabilities of members of society forcing their hand and encouraging them to buy something they may not want, need or understand.

So my question is should organisations allow people to be compelled into impulse buying, through the ir encouragement. This susequently making capable and vulnerable people to have decision ‘forced’ upon them in order for the organisations to make a profit.

what do you think? Answers on a postcard or in the comments box please.












I subscribe to a blog written by Oscar Hokeah, who wrote a post describing himself as a coffee snob.

For original article by Oscar see

In the blog by Oscar he describes how he likes a rich coffee that eases his headaches and a pleasure for him to drink.

My experience of coffee drinking are very different, I am foremost a tea drinker however the pressures of life mainly the final year of university have forced my hand.

I am now an occasional coffee drinker; it started with an uttered word of coffee instead of a morning a word that carries a shared understanding a feeling of amongst the group. To outsiders may be seen as ignorance but to us a bond of unity. That was how I become a coffee drinker.

Like most coffee drinkers I have a ‘taste’ of coffee I prefer, I like rich good quality without a bitter after taste. This is unusual for someone who hated coffee to develop so quickly, although for me what is more important than the taste is the container it comes in.

If the cup that it is drunk from is of importance to me, if the cup is too small it seems like a waste of money with little satisfaction. However if I am served a huge mug, it is overpowering the coffee tastes watered down rather than full of flavour. As well as this it is usual freezing by the end, this supports that mug size is vital.

Coffee sellers out there mug size is vital get it right don’t put your customers off before they buy or they won’t come back to your lovely coffee.

Tea and coffee a writer’s inspirational juice perfect for lulling the world over.

Twitter to simple or a marketers dream

Twitter a business built on a set of status limited to a 140 characters. Some would argue that twitter was a concept far too simple for any real use.

Although Twitter is rivalling Facebook gaining new people every day, twitter is soon turning into a marketers dream. Although some question twitter and its worth, but this could only be questioned by those who doubt their brand.

Those with poor branding and those who have an inability to target their market within the 140 characters are at a disadvantage. Twitter is reaching more people around the world quicker with a button to for people to re-tweet things that they enjoy and feel are useful to them. This can be both positive and negative for an organisation as they can become powerful through the power of this media device overnight. Just as it can bring u success the power of this tool can have the opposite effect on an organisation, it can change it.

Branding is an important tool for an organisation’s the difference between making something memorable and successful and making something memorable and having drastic consequences for an organisation. it also can be used as an indication as to how successful or unsuccessful something similar to a free surveying tool where participants would not even know they were being surveyed , as it is subtle in its job.

This asks the question should organisations train their employees in twitter and how to promote their brand in 140 character. As well as being trained on how it can utilised and have a positive or negative effect on them as a result of the way it is used. The answer is probably yes a good face in the public eye can never harm a brand and Twitter is proving it is making organisations successful. Bad tweeting had bad consequences; employees may also need a code of conduct in relation to social networking but without stopping its employees from using it.

Twitter itself is a powerful brand itself used in the right way can have a huge effect on promoting a business. It is simple but with a maximum affect.

Keep tweeting, keep growing with maximum impact.

Donor register and driving

Is being an organ donor a morally right thing to do, a person’s choice or something that should be enforced?

A new system could be introduced so when people apply for a driving licence online they will be encouraged to sign up for the organ donation register.

In the UK a person can learn how to drive from the age of 17. Learning to drive is an exciting first step for every teenager they cannot wait to get behind the wheel of a car and pass their test. Learning to drive is a ticket to freedom and a rite of passage. Applying for a drivers licence can be so exciting a hasty process that cannot be over quick enough but know will have an added question do you want to join the organ donor register?

For all joining the organ donor register can only be seen as a positive thing; however are seventeen year olds mature enough to decide whether this is the right choice for them. Also a factor to be brought into the equation is the argument of do seventeen year olds discuss these choices with their parents and others around them letting them know what they feel and what decisions they are taking.

The other question to ask is will people even read the question before ticking yes or no as they just want to get the licence to them as quickly as possible without answering other questions.

The encouragement for younger people to make such a huge decision, maybe one that should not be encouraged for those of such a young age to take without complete clarification. As not everyone will understand what they are signing up for, it is a process that should contain deep thought before an action is taken.

It is not that I am against organ donation as I have been on the register since I was sixteen I just feel that it is a huge decision for a person to take that should be well thought through as well as being discussed with loved ones before decisions that may be made possibly hastily.

I also do think they are seventeen year olds mature enough to decide whether this is a decision for them and most highly capable of deciding for themselves. I just feel it is something that should be tackled in a different way, with medical backing for those to have a greater understanding of the importance of a good cause such as organ donation. Organ donation, discuss it if its right for you sign up for it you could change someone’s life.

If anyone has any comments feel free to do so.

Death of the music industry or vital lifeline?

The music industry is in disarray more music is being downloaded illegally leaving artists at a disadvantage both financially and morally.

Although there has been an increase in the amount of young people also known as ‘teenie boppers’ or teen stars entering the industry and they are successfully dominating the charts all over the world.

Could these ‘teenie boppers’ be seen as adding further misery to the music industry by being allowed to release music that could be seen as cheesy with nonsense lyrics that are meaningless to most people. The so called music also completed with noise, covering the people ‘singing’.

These kids are successfully selling music  where others who were once successful are now struggling to compete. Is this a case of just allowing the teen stars to carry on selling their music and make their money while others struggle?

This could be a way forward for the music industry the more ‘music’ sold whatever the genre can only be a positive as people are still actually buying the alternative to not buying music is an alternative a musician does not want to think about.

As a fan of rock, some metal, blues,  pop and songs from the dance genre I have an eclectic taste and a strong passion for music I understand that musicians and fans are frustrated with the music industry and what is selling however I don’t feel people should be judged for being able to sell music to their fans however much to our distaste.

Musicians should learn that they will not always be able to sell to the minority but should produce music they love and sell music to their genuine fans. However their alternative solution is to change how they make their music, change to what is popular and try selling what is out there. Although by being a carbon copy of a successful artist is not likely to gain you more fans or make you more successful produce music you love stay true to your successful and to your fans.

The young musicians or artists who have been heavily praised or criticised for how they are making their money should carry on while they can, those who have been successful know that it does not last forever and should know to grab this opportunity with both hands.

Music that is being sold is still music those who criticise those who are selling are jealous of their success, need to concentrate on themselves and produce music for their fans.

If you want to change the way of the music industry and what is reaching the top of the charts buy your music don’t download it illegally and be proud of the music you write, play and love. Support in a difficult industry and a difficult time is key and being judgemental to others work will not bring success.

What are your thoughts ban musicians for poor quality try and beat them at their game by produce similar songs or stay true to yourself and be the best you can be for your fans?


Dreams are supposed to be the minds way of allowing the subconscious to be explored and an analysis of what is going on in a person life.

I recently had a strange dream; I was in an office a lady clearly an editor of a magazine tells me sorry that my poem has not been accepted into their publication. I said that is fine and carried on working, I was helping older teens who were struggling with their work to better themselves.

The dream then moved on to me confront people who I worked with who I felt weren’t listening to me giving me a fair chance in the job has was doing due to my youth.

I have recently Graduate with a strong degree and I am currently exploring my career options the dream definitely analysed and showed a strong representation of my confusion.

the dream contain a refusal from a magazine article, I often write poetry however I have never entered a magazine competition I usually just file away the writing as I am collecting them for a book in which I plan to self publish in the future. This has had me thinking about my future as a writer whether to keep me poetry and share with others at a later date or get it out there now.

Could it be my failure of refusal that is stopping me from entering into competitions or am I just not ready to share that part of me with the world. This is something I need to seriously consider and act upon it, in a way I feel is best for me.

I want to be a university lecturer as well as a writer, I would love to help those with a lack of confidence bring them out of their shell and help them be who they want to be. I have had some brilliant lectures that have helped me shine and with my thirst for knowledge and to further myself, I want to do this.

My dream may be trying to tell me that this is possible a way of mind telling me I can do this and achieve it, I see this as another long term goal which I am starting to believe is achievable. It will take time and money but is achievable.

As for the part of my dream about standing up to those who won’t listen to me I will fight to be heard but without showing my youth, I will be successful but without losing myself I will achieve without others thinking they have won and I will do it for myself no one else.

The dream has allowed me to think and analyse my thought and my life that it should be for self-gratification and not for anyone else. My destiny is my destiny no one else’s.

Keep reading to see what happens.

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