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Survival of the creative

I don’t know anything about you,

They say ignorance is bliss,

Your brain works the same too,

A heart of curiosity,

Soul as big as the ocean,

Google won’t give me an answer,

Its ability,

Not a disability,

Just look at the creativity,

It took to get you here,

A fighter,

With the same burning desire,

As any other women or man,

Your height is not your final answer,

Or the first question they should ask.

Burning on the fire

Everyday can be a fight for survival for many people whether it’s your skin colour, hair colour height, disability or ability, possibly something else.

I have wrote a poem in honour of all of us who have to fight everyday just to be ourselves in what can be a cruel world.


Fighting to get out of this box,

The old book,

Gathering dust,

It does not have the same cover,

As other,

Victim of our ways,

Victim of your ignorance,

Book ripped to shreds,

As you can translate,

Burnt on a fire,

Not to keep you warm,

Or to lighten your world,

But because you don’t understand.


If anyone would like to share their struggles or their ‘fight’ for survival please let me know on the comments or via twitter and I’ll get back to you. The reason I ask as I would like to make a poem possibly a video or article to represent people with your permission.


Many thanks


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