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Hello everyone I have a new video on dialects mainly Geordie please take a look and enjoy.


Writeitfeelit – Geordie Slang

I welcome and comments and thank you for your lovely reader/viewership I appreciate it.





Is it Cockney?

The use of language can be important to set scenes, reveal character traits, show the difference in class of a character and make the audiences feel a little bit more into the characters shoes.

Cockney rhyming slang is a regional dialect of London and I have a little bit of experience of this dialect but that little bit I understand or I think I understand I have attempted to incorporate into a poem.

Please if you are a Cockney or have a better knowledge please don’t be offended.

The accident

The dog and bone rang,

They had a ball and cow,

For all had gone pete tong,

Down the apples and pears she fell,

She hit her boat race,

And crust of bread,

And she is now brown bread.


The phone rang,

They had a row,

For all had gone wrong,

Down the stairs she fell,

She hit her face,

And her head,

And she is now dead.

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