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Twitter to simple or a marketers dream

Twitter a business built on a set of status limited to a 140 characters. Some would argue that twitter was a concept far too simple for any real use.

Although Twitter is rivalling Facebook gaining new people every day, twitter is soon turning into a marketers dream. Although some question twitter and its worth, but this could only be questioned by those who doubt their brand.

Those with poor branding and those who have an inability to target their market within the 140 characters are at a disadvantage. Twitter is reaching more people around the world quicker with a button to for people to re-tweet things that they enjoy and feel are useful to them. This can be both positive and negative for an organisation as they can become powerful through the power of this media device overnight. Just as it can bring u success the power of this tool can have the opposite effect on an organisation, it can change it.

Branding is an important tool for an organisation’s the difference between making something memorable and successful and making something memorable and having drastic consequences for an organisation. it also can be used as an indication as to how successful or unsuccessful something similar to a free surveying tool where participants would not even know they were being surveyed , as it is subtle in its job.

This asks the question should organisations train their employees in twitter and how to promote their brand in 140 character. As well as being trained on how it can utilised and have a positive or negative effect on them as a result of the way it is used. The answer is probably yes a good face in the public eye can never harm a brand and Twitter is proving it is making organisations successful. Bad tweeting had bad consequences; employees may also need a code of conduct in relation to social networking but without stopping its employees from using it.

Twitter itself is a powerful brand itself used in the right way can have a huge effect on promoting a business. It is simple but with a maximum affect.

Keep tweeting, keep growing with maximum impact.

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