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The Lie

The mouth not spoken is of truer kind,

Than ones that’s mouth spews utter lies,

For you are a failure to human kind,

For deceit is learnt,

Like you did,

Passed on it will be,

A spawn or two,

Turmoil will reign,

Through you,

While I watch and enjoy the quaint view.


Chewed up and spit out by society


Primary school,

Chewed up spit out,

Pushed and shoved,


Secondary school I go,

Chewed up spit out,

College will be different,


Struggled through,

I fought,

I won,


University I graduated a 2.1,

Off to find a job I go,

Chewed up and spit out,


Here we go again,

As they look you up and down,

Like school all over again,


Pushing and shoving,

Of a different kind,

Chewed up and spit out by society.

Alien in my cupboard

There’s an alien in my cupboard,
I can see his green glow,
Will he dare to get out of the cupboard,
I hide under the sheets,
The glow is getting stronger is he coming out,
Has curiosity got the better,
Has his mind made up,
Is it even a he,
Will he suck my mind,
Brainwash me like they do,
Hit me and tease me like they do,
Friend or foe,
Let me know,
As I’m too terrified to sleep.

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That pain doctors can’t cure

When I see your face!

I wonder what I can walk in front of,

Is it big, fast moving, will it be quick,


When I hear your name,

I want to eat glass,

Because i think it will be easier to stomach,


My alternative reality,

A world of my own,

Even includes you!


If I could say anything to you,

It would be just……………

Fuck you!


I can’t even bring myself to hurt you,

I just hate you from the depth of my soul,

Every piece of my cold, black heart.




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