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Pain, money, tall, soft, door, express, sour, raw, distance, pitiful, alien, lift, itch

Another random word challenge with a few more words this time.


Raw feelings bursting to be expressed,

The extremely tall door,

In the distance,

Striving to reach it,

What will be behind the other side?

The sour taste of bitterness,

The burning pain,

So intense,

Pitiful for the next person,

To feel like an alien,

Withering on the inside,

Hopefully there’s a cure for this prescribe itch,

I haven’t got money to cure it,

So maybe just a lift by something,

Someone’s soft touch,

To guide through this alien like path.




Eye’s Like A Glass Wall

Five words : Belong, smooth, wall, different , strength


Belong a word we all long to truly understand the definition,

Our uniqueness is what makes us,

A great strength to be different,

Smooth skin, flawless, perfection itself,

But eyes like a glass wall,

Begging to be broken,

She really isn’t different from us.


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