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Until we meet again

The only reason I’m listening,

Is because I thought you gave a shit,

Turns out you don’t,

So ill stop listening,


Stop feeling,

If you change your mind,

I doubt,

But you know where I am,


I’m not fuelled with anger,

Or even hate,

Just confused,

As to why you’re in this state,


Clearly losing your faith,

Maybe you should start changing,

Until we meet again,

My friend or my foe.


Where are you?

I’m crying,

Lay here slowly dying,

Where are you?


I’m happy,

I’m practically flying,

Where are you?


Seems you are lost,

Don’t care to follow,

Where are you?

Hear me roar

Can you hear me?

Hear me roar,

The fire in my belly,


Can’t be tamed,

Hear me roar,

Won’t be hidden,


Won’t be lost in the wild,

Hear me roar,

This lion can’t be tamed.

Past, present, future

You cannot hide from your past,

Present or future,

Embrace your present

Look to your future,

The past is the past,

You must let it go.

The Moment

Write it down or lose it in the moment,

Think of it,

Or you may never have an emotion so strong,

I got lost in the moment today,

The feelings I felt,

Drifted on by,

As did your face,

Like a ghost,

Traveling by.

Power of words

Using the power of my words,

I hope one day you will notice me,

No longer a thorn in your side,

Or a shadow that follows you.


How mundane life is becoming,

A vicious circle,

Fear, disaster, disappointment,


Where’s the victory, triumph, new beginnings,

That was promised,

Lost passion for the future.

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