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Learn, Fight, Everyday!


Hello Everyone,

Sorry if you are feeling neglected I haven’t stopped writing I am just going through a strange period in my life were everything is unsure and writing is not the main thing on my mind. So here is a little poem from me to you.

Just so you don’t feel completely neglected.

Thank you for the continued support and I wish you all the best.





Learn, Fight, Everyday!


I am learning,

I am fighting,

Every day,


Every breath,

I am creating,

Every day,


I am surviving,

I just didn’t know,

Every day,


Open your eyes,

Life is a mountain,

Every day,


Not a stroll up a hill,

And down the other side,

It’s an Every day fight.



From pen to paper

We are more advanced

Positively addictive

Bringing us closer together

Day by day.

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