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The key

I wrote this while sitting in a coffee shop drinking the writer’s juice of inspiration, well mocha and a rocky road cake. (Shhhh im meant to be on a diet).

I’m lulling over this challenge that was put to me, whatyou have to do is on a Sunday at the end of the week you have to come up with ten things that were good or positive about the previous week. As well as ten negative or things you disliked about the previous week.

So I have noted all the positives and negatives of the previous week I could think of, it’s quite revealing.


10 positive good things of last week

  1. My blog results have hit over 700 views
  2. I have been blogging for just over 6 weeks
  3. Found my new favourite TV programme Being Erica
  4. Going out for a girly night out
  5. Family moments
  6. Rocky road cake
  7. People feel the same about job hunting not alone.


10 negative things of last week

  1. Being upset with myself
  2. Getting to the end of my Being Erica DVD
  3. Not enjoying girly night out
  4. Hating job hunting
  5. Ruining diet with rocky road
  6. Family fighting/arguments


As you can see I couldn’t complete the 10 positive/ negative things of the week. Although it does ask the question such as are positive and negatives related can you have one completely occur without the other being affected.

Life is like a chain reaction as one thing happens something else happens. We make our own positives and negatives in life and we can change them this is key in life and something we should fight to remember, maybe next week will have more positives than negative.


Why don’t you try your own list and see what you see about your week, your life and maybe what you can change.



The key to your life,

You are your own guiding light,

Let it shine.












I subscribe to a blog written by Oscar Hokeah, who wrote a post describing himself as a coffee snob.

For original article by Oscar see

In the blog by Oscar he describes how he likes a rich coffee that eases his headaches and a pleasure for him to drink.

My experience of coffee drinking are very different, I am foremost a tea drinker however the pressures of life mainly the final year of university have forced my hand.

I am now an occasional coffee drinker; it started with an uttered word of coffee instead of a morning a word that carries a shared understanding a feeling of amongst the group. To outsiders may be seen as ignorance but to us a bond of unity. That was how I become a coffee drinker.

Like most coffee drinkers I have a ‘taste’ of coffee I prefer, I like rich good quality without a bitter after taste. This is unusual for someone who hated coffee to develop so quickly, although for me what is more important than the taste is the container it comes in.

If the cup that it is drunk from is of importance to me, if the cup is too small it seems like a waste of money with little satisfaction. However if I am served a huge mug, it is overpowering the coffee tastes watered down rather than full of flavour. As well as this it is usual freezing by the end, this supports that mug size is vital.

Coffee sellers out there mug size is vital get it right don’t put your customers off before they buy or they won’t come back to your lovely coffee.

Tea and coffee a writer’s inspirational juice perfect for lulling the world over.

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