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World War or some other disaster

I’m responsible for World War 2,

Titanic too,

Iceberg right ahead,

Was I the one two blind two see it,

Of course not you weren’t born till 89,

Why can I taste the salt of the sea?

Here the bombs blazing,

Was I a coward who run and hid?

Will I go down in history as a champion?

Or another name on a gravestone.

Blink of an eye

Life passes by,

Like a blink of the eye,


Opportunity comes,

It floats on by,


What have you done today,

Or has it flown by,


I found a new goal today,

Let’s not let if flutter by,


Two may young lost,

Wave as they pass by,


Move on to a place,

Were life will not wither away.

Response to curiosity killed the cat

The cat had lived a life of wealth,

Milk in his tummy,

Had a litter or two,

With the cat he chose,

To be his love,

Watched them grow from kitten,

Into beautiful cats they became,

He explored in his lifetime,

Till that fateful day came,

Can you say, you did the same?

Blowing in the wind

Like a brown autumn leaf,

Crunchy and brown,

End of its life is nigh,

Blowing in the wind,

Till its day ends,

And they commit you to the ground.

I can predict your death

Show me your hand,

It doesn’t look good,

Aging badly,

Quite pale,

Are you eating well?

You’ve biting your nails,

Are you nervous?

Stressed or anxious,

Have you seen the doctor lately?

Oh my there shrivelling rapidly,

Time has passed,

As we lay you to rest.

Not a Dream

Keep waking,

Cold sweat,

Dripping head to toe,

Just a nightmare,

Thoughts running wild,

But it’s not,

It’s the truth,

But I can contemplate this,

I heard you say this wasn’t the end,

Safe from pain,

While I try to comprehend,

I wonder if you’re watching,

Looking down at me.


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