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Budding Rose


My love pours,

Like rain falling from the sky,


Your eyes like lightning,

Striking, piercing the eyes,


Our world blooming,

Like bud too rose,


Build bridges,

Before the earth crumbles.


Discovered my favourite word

Here I am.

Candy Dreams

Marshmallow faces

Walking the city


Strawberry laces

Flying through the sky



Crossing you over the road


Rice paper planes

Taking you to your destination

Mind over matter

Mind over matter,

A force to be reckoned with,

Wildest dreams,

The impossible,

Let be possible,

I’m working on the mind,

Are you?


Risk or reward,

What is reward,

Will it exist without risk,

Heart breaking,

Brain in a twist.

Are you listening?

I have dreams

I have to fight

To prove them everyday.


Dreams are supposed to be the minds way of allowing the subconscious to be explored and an analysis of what is going on in a person life.

I recently had a strange dream; I was in an office a lady clearly an editor of a magazine tells me sorry that my poem has not been accepted into their publication. I said that is fine and carried on working, I was helping older teens who were struggling with their work to better themselves.

The dream then moved on to me confront people who I worked with who I felt weren’t listening to me giving me a fair chance in the job has was doing due to my youth.

I have recently Graduate with a strong degree and I am currently exploring my career options the dream definitely analysed and showed a strong representation of my confusion.

the dream contain a refusal from a magazine article, I often write poetry however I have never entered a magazine competition I usually just file away the writing as I am collecting them for a book in which I plan to self publish in the future. This has had me thinking about my future as a writer whether to keep me poetry and share with others at a later date or get it out there now.

Could it be my failure of refusal that is stopping me from entering into competitions or am I just not ready to share that part of me with the world. This is something I need to seriously consider and act upon it, in a way I feel is best for me.

I want to be a university lecturer as well as a writer, I would love to help those with a lack of confidence bring them out of their shell and help them be who they want to be. I have had some brilliant lectures that have helped me shine and with my thirst for knowledge and to further myself, I want to do this.

My dream may be trying to tell me that this is possible a way of mind telling me I can do this and achieve it, I see this as another long term goal which I am starting to believe is achievable. It will take time and money but is achievable.

As for the part of my dream about standing up to those who won’t listen to me I will fight to be heard but without showing my youth, I will be successful but without losing myself I will achieve without others thinking they have won and I will do it for myself no one else.

The dream has allowed me to think and analyse my thought and my life that it should be for self-gratification and not for anyone else. My destiny is my destiny no one else’s.

Keep reading to see what happens.

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