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Curiosity killed the cat

Curiosity killed the cat,

But would the cat have knowledge,

Did he die in vain?

Or was he a genius,

Daring to go were only he had dreamed,

And left the world wealthier,

Than the less curious would ever be.

Pen of curiosity

Pen of curiosity,

Pen of dreams,

As the ink hits the paper,

Imagination lay on the page,

Careful not to smudge,

Or maybe lost forever,

Curiosity burning,

Hopefully not the page,

With your dreams .

Candy Dreams

Marshmallow faces

Walking the city


Strawberry laces

Flying through the sky



Crossing you over the road


Rice paper planes

Taking you to your destination

Innocent eyes

Fighting for your innocence,

Or not wanting to grow,

Entirely different one of the same,


Dreams are made,

Innocence, purity and naivety,

Future yours,

But do you stop dreaming,


Wrinkles form,

Silver shadow,

Are you still dreaming,

Or fighting to breathe.

The Disappearance

Melting like a snowflake,

Landing on the ground,


Disappearing into the sky,

Like a lullaby,


Floating to the sea bed,

Like a lost dream.



Wanting to break free,

So ill close my eyes,

Dream the answer,

Were my answer will guide me,

To the path ahead.

Just Dreaming


Lying here under the covers,

Hoping one day to be discovered,

The worst part of my day,

Is the disappointment in your eyes.

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