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End of an era

I have packed away all of my things from University, the DVD of my ceremony, my photo albums and packed them away into a pretty box possibly never to see daylight for some time. These are treasured memories I suppose you can say this is the end of an era for me, University was one of the biggest and most precious time of my life yes I got a brilliant degree but I also made friends for life. I wish them well for their future and hope for many to stay in touch. I am going to miss uni and I am already jealous of those who will return soon.

However life and time has to move on, I am now looking for work and continuing with my writing which so far I am having success which has surpassed my expectations. I have been writing a long time but to date I have only being blogging for 8 weeks. I have reached 1,100 views in this short period of time and have had a huge success which is only progressing.

As you will be able to see changes have happened I have added a music section and famous quote section and this blog is progressing as I am.

Onwards and upwards here is to a continuous successful blog and job hunting.

Thank you for reading


That old book

The feeling of being in an old bookstore is a feeling like no other. Normally when you open the book the story begins, but in an old bookstore the story comes from the cover. The last person who owned the book left a mark on it the crumpled the corner, left the original price on, a coffee stain and the signature of the writer on the inside of the cover. Each mark is unique to the last owner something special that says this was mine.

An old book that’s over twenty years old and the spine is starting to break and disintegrate, it tells a story. Once someone’s treasured possession much loved and used it is just as important as the story itself.

An old book store is full of nostalgia it really makes you think about the people who have owned the books their backgrounds, education, where are they from? Do they like things that I do?

One of the best types of bookstores are actually charity stores, this gives you a strong feeling of helping others by buying books and you get to own something new of your own.

What to you prefer old books or new?

Do you ever think of the previous owner or who will own it next?

Welcome to the real world …………………….


I have recently graduated University with a strong degree but I have come down to earth with an almighty bang.

This therefore is a difficult blog to write, the job climate is worse than ever and finding employment is a task and a half.

The entering of the rat race, would come as a quite a pleasing solution. As at the current time the stress of trying to find employment has resulted in frequent migraines and sickness.  The situation has consequently started to rapidly sap the positivity from the soul, turning it rapidly into negativity through the rejection and its cruel process.

Life is turning into a conveyor belt going from person to person, signing papers, sending letters, and dealing with the hard knocks of rejection.

Hopefully they will be more options for work soon as I feel I am wasting away my skills that I have worked so hard to gain.

I was aware that  job hunting wouldn’t be easy but so far it is very disheartening and with limited opportunities that make me feel that my degree was a waste. Maybe this will lead me in a different direction, who knows?

However it is a learning curve of life and a right of passage everyone must go through however difficult, the key is to try and remain as  positive as possible and keep applying for jobs.


Well at least there’s time for writing and that can only be a positive result.


Fee Failure

University fees have risen to £9,000 a year although competition to get into UK Universities has not decreased. 200,000 applicants are expected not to gain places in universities. With opportunities to gain a job increasingly harder as unemployment is at dramatic rise. Where does this leave the UK’s youth?

Some universities are charging more than the minimum £9,000 a year fee could this seen as an opening for the rich to remain rich and be among the higher educated where those from lower income backgrounds to suffer through the education system losing their dreams as a result.

The great poor, rich divide is as clear now as it has ever been the poor are less likely to be educated to a degree level and are more likely to choose a life of crime.

What are the options for today’s youth? Well the answer is there is not many, be born into rich parents. An option is to aim high work hard get the highest grades and try and get a scholarship at a good university. Young people could try getting into a trade such as plumbing to access employment only if your aspirations are to be a doctor this may not be a viable proposition.

The education system is failing its young people and leaving them with not many options. Lower class universities will fail as a result of fewer students through their doors and unemployment will increase further.

However the increase of university fees have been justified as it will remove ‘wasters’ who go to university to waste time rather than enter employment, however the statistics show that the number of applicants has not changed with the increase fees suggesting that those who want to go to university are not been put off. This suggests determination by those wanting to be educated in the hope of bettering themselves also implying that there is a ‘fight’ to change the poor rich divide still within education.

The increase in tuition fees will also have an impact on certain professions with people taking fewer risks to gain qualifications in which they may struggle to find employment or have to pay back such a large debt which may not have an equal reward.

The Economy debt has also increased through higher student loans; so far this increase has not deterred students from applying to universities therefore there has not been an increase in borrowed money from prospective students, adding further debt to the UK’s economy. This has failed to have the desired effect in saving money as there will not be fewer students as predicted there would be.

Unemployment is also increasing the debt of the economy through the payment to those seeking job seekers allowance, leaving young people minimal choice but to take up this option if they cannot get university places.

Has this been a fatal floor on behalf of those who have decided to raise university tuition fees and has it just achieved anything other than making the UK economy deficit increasingly higher?

What do you think about the economy and the education system, do you think making fees more expensive and universities harder to get into money will be saved?  Do you agree? Feel free to comment.

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