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Image in front of you

Happy Valentines everyone!

Thank you lovely followers I am now conscious that there is a lot of you and that you all work really hard blogging, writing, creating and that I may be overlooking some of you lovely lot. If I am not following your blog and you are following me. Please leave me a comment and I will follow back.


This poem is about not seeing and I dedicate it to you, you lovely lot.


Click, click, click,

I hear you clicking,

Click, click, click,


Click, click, click ,

You’re seeing through the lens,

Click, click, click,


Click, click, click ,

But have you seeing what’s blurring,

Click, click, click,


I Click, click, click ,

in front of you its fading,

Click, click, click ,


Click, click, click,

The picture you’re taking

Click, click, click,


Click, click, click,

It’s not real,

Click, click, click,


Love Kirsty



Into the fire

Intensity, dire,


A journey through the mist,

Travelling through the eyes,

Down the spine,

Through the soul,

Into the fire.

Through their eyes

Have you ever seen the world?

Through someone else’s eyes,

Did the sun shine bright?

Was ash clouding their view?

The change begins,

With me and you.

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