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In the mind’s eye

Strength is in my mind,

Weakness is in my mind,


Hope my fear does not leave me blind,

Ultimately you leave me behind,


As fear is the only feeling,

I need my fall breaking.

Hands – Open Your Heart

My regular readers will be aware in November in my post ‘Burning On The Fire’ I asked for people to tell me about their life struggles and that I was going to use them for creative purpose.

This post is what I have used them for and I have focused on the Hands.

A huge thank you to those who offered their hands and shared the stories for this post.

Thank you
































Hands show your Lifeline,

Reflection of your age,

Days gone by,

Show your race,

Something you cannot hide,

Sometimes pain can be plain,

Never your future,

Your life behind.































Bitten to the cuticle,

Nervous feeling,

Bitter pill to take,


The pain calming,

My pain,

I fight so hard to hide,















Challenge yourself

Learn something new

Face your fears

The unknown

Could change you

What will you do?

Learn about others

Learn about the world

They could be someone just like you.


Uncontrollable Fear


Shadows can scare you,

Shudder in fear,

Of what’s behind you,


The dark can make your spine shiver,

The hairs stand on end,

Who’s lurking out there?


Fear so uncontrollable,

But you can control,

Those who try to control you.

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