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World War or some other disaster

I’m responsible for World War 2,

Titanic too,

Iceberg right ahead,

Was I the one two blind two see it,

Of course not you weren’t born till 89,

Why can I taste the salt of the sea?

Here the bombs blazing,

Was I a coward who run and hid?

Will I go down in history as a champion?

Or another name on a gravestone.



Take it to your grave,

Take it with you,

But you’ll never be whole,


Open your heart,

Open your soul,

Do it if you want to be whole.

Inspiration Desperation



The mind blank,

So I went for a walk on a winter afternoon,

Soon, the snow deep to my waist,

Snowflakes hitting me in the face,

The blizzard restricted my view,

The blood felt like it couldn’t flow,

I lost the feeling in my fingers and toes,

Will I get home to write again?

Why couldn’t I find the words?

Open my mind to the world around,

A silly way to get inspired,

But the truth is I’ve lost all feeling,

And may never be able to write,





Inside my head


Fears, tears,

Conscious, solace

Command, conquer,

Happiness, fruitfulness,

Poor, looser

Burnt into the eyelids,

Read every time.

Uncontrollable Fear


Shadows can scare you,

Shudder in fear,

Of what’s behind you,


The dark can make your spine shiver,

The hairs stand on end,

Who’s lurking out there?


Fear so uncontrollable,

But you can control,

Those who try to control you.

Keep Walking


Just walking day after day,

Pushing through the pain,

Can’t smell the fresh cut grass,

Or hear the singing of the birds.


The filling of the thoughts,

Numbing the senses,

Blurring the view,


Pushing through the pain.


Running through the wood

Why do you follow me?

As I try to hide

I look for solace

And you try to find.

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