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Eye’s Like A Glass Wall

Five words : Belong, smooth, wall, different , strength


Belong a word we all long to truly understand the definition,

Our uniqueness is what makes us,

A great strength to be different,

Smooth skin, flawless, perfection itself,

But eyes like a glass wall,

Begging to be broken,

She really isn’t different from us.


A little too much beer


I picked five words and attempted to turn them into a poem:

Stagger, indiscriminate, accidental, stale, gloomy


Staggering down the lane,

The gloomy night,

The air stale,

So thick it takes your breath away,

Swerving and falling,

Walking into people,

Lamppost and things accidental,

Indiscriminate of creed, sex or colour,

As you cling to the walls and fences,

Hitting the pavement with your head,

Losing a shoe as you try not to fall again,

Maybe I should have stayed for another beer,

Oh please be careful my dear,

As I cling to your hand.

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