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Alien in my cupboard

There’s an alien in my cupboard,
I can see his green glow,
Will he dare to get out of the cupboard,
I hide under the sheets,
The glow is getting stronger is he coming out,
Has curiosity got the better,
Has his mind made up,
Is it even a he,
Will he suck my mind,
Brainwash me like they do,
Hit me and tease me like they do,
Friend or foe,
Let me know,
As I’m too terrified to sleep.

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Until we meet again

The only reason I’m listening,

Is because I thought you gave a shit,

Turns out you don’t,

So ill stop listening,


Stop feeling,

If you change your mind,

I doubt,

But you know where I am,


I’m not fuelled with anger,

Or even hate,

Just confused,

As to why you’re in this state,


Clearly losing your faith,

Maybe you should start changing,

Until we meet again,

My friend or my foe.

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