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The answers in the clouds


I found these words written on blades of grass,

The answer on sheep like clouds,

The path I followed turned to marshmallows,

So I dived into the ocean of fruit cocktail.

Just For Fun

I was tweeted suggestion for a poem” Pick a favourite thing and an unfavoured thing and a colour then mix them into a poem about food.”

I’m not sure it quite worked out how it should but it does include favourite thing, no so favourite things, food and the colour pink.

Rude people,

The bane of society,

Should be splattered with cheap ice cream,

On freezing days,

Warm soup,

When the sun shines,

Ignored by the mass,

While the polite folk eat pink candy floss,

Nobody fooling anyone,

Pink roses blossoming,

Oh how I would love a chocolate muffin.

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