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Let me move you

I want to move you with my words,

The words tapping,

Like the rain falling,


I wonder if you know how much you hurt me,

Or even care,

Like a knife to the heart,


You inject fear,

Straight to the brain,

Hitting the veins of life.


A stranger to you I am,

I’ve tried to integrate,

Flash a smile,

Say hello,

Invisible I am,

I have given you the respect you commanded,

I have given you space,

Why am I invisible to you?

Until we meet again

The only reason I’m listening,

Is because I thought you gave a shit,

Turns out you don’t,

So ill stop listening,


Stop feeling,

If you change your mind,

I doubt,

But you know where I am,


I’m not fuelled with anger,

Or even hate,

Just confused,

As to why you’re in this state,


Clearly losing your faith,

Maybe you should start changing,

Until we meet again,

My friend or my foe.

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