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Letter to friend part 1

Hello everyone in preparation of welcoming the new year I am clearing out the notes off my phone therefore there may be quite a few posts over the next two days.

letter to friend part 1


Don’t know if you remember me,

We use to be friends,

But you moved away,

Hope you don’t mind,

I got your address from a friend,

Hope it’s the right house,

How are you doing?

It’s been a long time.



Sometimes it’s hard for me to be who I am,

But deep down,

I know you know where I am,

Where I’m going,

What I’m doing,

What I’m feeling,

That place I’ve been,

That place to never go again.

I haven’t got time for this

I haven’t got time for this,

Soon I’ll be dead,

Tears falling,

Will I be missed?

Will you even say goodbye?

I haven’t got time for this,

I’ve got to start living,

Be me,

Do what I love,

Don’t need your approval,

Or your say,

I am who I am,

Are you here to stay?

Then live with me.


Like driftwood,

Floating on the water,

Like never before,

Not knowing were the stream will take it,

Will it be broken on the journey?

What I want

There are so many things I want,

So few I need,

Communication is the key,

All that is,

All that can be,

Just open your mouth and say it,

Before all is lost,

Don’t take it out on me.

Communication is the key.

Top 3 of 3

Over the last three months I have achieved much more than I had imagined, thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog over the last three months and has helped me reach over 2,000 views.

As Thursday will be the three month anniversary of my blog; I have decided to celebrate this by posting my top three poems of the last three months.

  1. Beauty on the screen
  2. Call yourself a friend
  3. Perfectly beautiful

Beauty on the screen

Is that beauty on the screen?


Or a defamation,

A view of what they want you to see,

A disguise,

A fiction,

Of something,

Dangerous ugly and humane,

Enforced beliefs,

Sucked into a dream,

A beauty to behold,

Nothing but a fake.

Call yourself a friend

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

Why I’m so glum,

Maybe I need help,

Maybe some fun,

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

Maybe you could help,

Maybe you need some fun,

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

What’s eating me,

What’s scaring you?

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

Perfectly beautiful

The beauty that beholds me,

So real and true,

Could anybody be as beautiful as you?

Don’t ever doubt it,

Hear me, please listen!

Don’t doubt yourself,


Believe me it’s true,

You don’t believe it,

You don’t see it,

It’s what makes you perfect.

My personal favourite so far is ‘Perfectly beautiful’, everyone is beautiful and it’s the acceptance of how YOU perceive yourself that counts and not anyone else.

Where are you?

I’m crying,

Lay here slowly dying,

Where are you?


I’m happy,

I’m practically flying,

Where are you?


Seems you are lost,

Don’t care to follow,

Where are you?

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