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Cold Air Whispers

Cold air whispers,

Passed your ear,

Was warm a second ago,

Where did the chill come from?

Just like the click of your fingers,

It disappears,

Looking over your shoulder,

All around,

Strange you think,

Like wondering eyes,

You feel,

Taping on the window,

Nothing there,

Maybe it’s the branch of the tree,

Paranoia in the daylight,

Then you carry on,

Until the strange day is gone,

And you are not alone.

Sixth Sense

It’s funny,

It can be so lonely,

You can see,

What no one else can,

Not like ghost’s if vampires,

But a sense all the same,

Maybe a sixth sense,

Or part of you,

That just won’t lie down,

Be tamed.




Figment of the imagination,

A burning sensation,

From within the mind,


The air gets eerie,

The night turns black,

What walks among us?

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