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My Guardian

I was set a challenge to write a poem on the theme of Guardians.       The first poem is mine named my guardian.

An ever-present feeling,

Like there’s something more,

Not an eerie feeling,

Or a stranger in the dark,

A safety net,

A cushion,

I never want to be apart,

But I want feel,

I want to see,

My guardian,

Why can’t you reach out to me?

You guide me,

You’ve stopped me,

Now show yourself to me.


The second post is named Guardian By Martin Shone, please see original link


Wherever you look
the world has its way of

I’m watching you

from the trees to the icecaps
the world is watching us.

We need guardians
to keep us in check
from going to far.

Global warming?
Nature’s guardian angel.

This is not our planet
it belongs to nature
and her guardian angel
will do its utmost to protect it
at whatever the cost
for we are miniscule
bent on ruining the
most beautiful thing in the universe

believe me
you don’t want to mess with
Mother Nature’s guardian angel.

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