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If Hale was the Ash

How fantastic would it be,

If dependable Hale was the Ash,

Just a day or two,

Smiles and fun,

That delightful grin,

The soothing siren,

Bow down to his call,

Powerlessness, his soothing lullaby,

Not to be overshadowed,

For Just an episode or two.


Our Lost Girl includes Trick and Hale

This show is a whole,

Elements missing,

Would rip it apart,

For Trick and Hale,

are a strength,

That makes Lost Girl prevail,

Characters that bring humour,


Something more to be seen,

How many scenes unfinished,

Would there be,

Lost Girl would definitely be lost.

This article is based on the original that can be found here

As many of you know on the opening credits of Lost Girl K.C Collins (Hale) and Rick Howland (trick) are only noted as recurring characters and therefore can be cut from the show at any time. Many of you are already trying to change this in which I offer full support.

Please spare a tweet or two for the following My #LostGirl includes Trick & Hale! @lostgirlseries @showcasedotca

Let’s see if we can get this world wide trending and spread it to all other fans.

Thank you for your support.

Also in support of this we all could change our pics to trick or hale or a combination of both.

Faeday Celebrations Update

The deadline of December 3rd is rapidly approaching!

Do you want to be part of the Faeday project, we so far have 25 pictures from France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Norway, Australia, Brazil, Nepal, UK, Texas, Arizona, Ontario Canada and Poland.

If you would like to be part of this celebration email your photo with the following: HAPPY FAEDAY from Place and Country.

You can send me your picture to :

The deadline is December 3rd.


Thank you


On behalf of Marilyn

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