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Daggered Heart

Daggered heart,

How it is unscathed,

But a broken cord,

Left on the floor,

In tiny pieces,


A figure of the mind,

How you controlled,

The story unfolded,

And there’s nothing left,

But a broken story, twists and tales.

Dancing in the dark

Dancing in the dark,

To the beat of your heart,

Rain falling,

The beat faster,

Moving your feet to the beat,

Slipping and sliding,

Who cares if you fall,

You’ll catch each other,

Dancing in the dark.



Take it to your grave,

Take it with you,

But you’ll never be whole,


Open your heart,

Open your soul,

Do it if you want to be whole.

Ice Breaking

Ice breaking,

Like a crushing heart,

Water gushing through,

The gaps,

Like the sorrow,

The water fills the earth,

Fills the soul.

Survival of the creative

I don’t know anything about you,

They say ignorance is bliss,

Your brain works the same too,

A heart of curiosity,

Soul as big as the ocean,

Google won’t give me an answer,

Its ability,

Not a disability,

Just look at the creativity,

It took to get you here,

A fighter,

With the same burning desire,

As any other women or man,

Your height is not your final answer,

Or the first question they should ask.

Guessing games

Reading my face,

Guessing my thoughts,

But you’ll never know my heart,

Stop guessing,

Start asking.

Barbed Wire


Like barbed wire in the skin,

Remove with pliers,

Dowse with disinfectant,

Still embedded,

For all to see.

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