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Slurp of rain


He drank the rain,

As it fell from the sky,

People looked in disgust,

Shunned and walked by,

For water is a life source,

A slurp kept the man alive,

His soul long gone,

Sapped from him,

And all you can do,

Is be thankful its not you.

Bubble Bath

These bubbles in the bath,
Cranberry and orange,
Tingling the sensation,
Relaxing, freeing the mind,
Mind drifting,
These bubbles aren’t bubbles,
They’re taking over the water,
I’m beginning to choke,
Can’t breathe,
Trying not to panic,
How do I stop them growing,
Before it’s too late,
Let the water out!!!
Someone shouts,
Rescued by a simple act,
Oh how many of us,

Could have done with that life saving act.




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