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Chewed up and spit out by society


Primary school,

Chewed up spit out,

Pushed and shoved,


Secondary school I go,

Chewed up spit out,

College will be different,


Struggled through,

I fought,

I won,


University I graduated a 2.1,

Off to find a job I go,

Chewed up and spit out,


Here we go again,

As they look you up and down,

Like school all over again,


Pushing and shoving,

Of a different kind,

Chewed up and spit out by society.



I’m sorry I’m writing less,

I’m going to tell you why,

You see I have a lot on my mind,

A job you see, I’m struggling to find,

Fear of unworthy undefined,

Things seem unclear,

People a blur,

Faceless as are millions,

Fighting the great fight,

To be seen.


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