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Is there anyone out there?

Hear you calling,

I hear my name whispered,

Through the tapping,
Of the rain,
A guide,

With wise words,
Who would never shone me,
Would feel my pain.


Broken wings

Whispering in the wind,

Tormenting of the soul,

Doubtful and unrest,

Suppressing of the soul,

As the bird tries to fly,

 With its broken wings.

Where have you gone?

Just a second

……are you still breathing?

Dropped off the earth

Calling your name

Are you listening?

Can you hear me?


Broken Silence


After a five day slump inspiration has finally hit and this is what I came up with, thank you for reading.




Only to be broken by the clock,

Tick tock,

Tick tock,


The tension building,

Time dragging,

Tick tock,

Tick tock,


All of a sudden,

Boom, boom,

Boom, boom

The beating of your heart,


Sound longed to be heard,

Boom, boom,

Boom, boom,

Wash of relief.


Meet again

You’re sleeping,

While I’m wide awake,

Looking at you,

From above,

Life is a waiting game,

Till we meet again.

Rubbing hands with glee

Little business man short and fat,

Rubbing his hands with glee,

Feeding off others misery,

Then along comes corporate man,

Full of knowledge and dough,

A gold lined cloak,

Little man full,

On misery and self hate.

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