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Birthday Message Anna

This poem was wrote for one of my faveourite actresses as a little Birthday message don’t think it has been seen so I am posting it here.
Happy Birthday Anna Silk


The wind howling,
The only thing stopping me,

Chilling to the bone,
Is the warmth of your smile,

Your characters destiny yet to be fulfilled,
Just like the one,
Of a beautiful actress,
The best we haven’t yet seen,

Caring and sharing,
As seen by your fans,

Your eyes show honesty,
Your mouth speaks the truth.

If Hale was the Ash

How fantastic would it be,

If dependable Hale was the Ash,

Just a day or two,

Smiles and fun,

That delightful grin,

The soothing siren,

Bow down to his call,

Powerlessness, his soothing lullaby,

Not to be overshadowed,

For Just an episode or two.


Friendship Bo and Kenzi


To Anna and Ksenia Hope this makes you smile 😉

This was another joint project in which the theme was friendship and hopefully a reflection of how well the pairing works together.

“Regret is fo suckaz, fo suckaz, fo suckaz, regret is fo suckaz. Bitch.”


Escapism brought you together,
Danger keeping you safe,
Without it a bond would be broken,
Fighting to get out of the dark,

The look of empowerment,
As you have each other’s back,
This bond won’t be broken,
No looking back,

No man or woman can stand in your way,
Regret your time together,
No chance,
It’s clearer every day…

Penned by the lovely Kirsty @WriteItFeelIt

I wanted to make a montage that highlighted the great friendship and bond that Bo and Kenzi have and how wonderfully Anna and Ksenia portray that.

Montage 1










Their bond is cemented, Fading fast, Sorority sisterhood, Sleep guarding, Overcoming Rejection, Fancy Dress, Just a little eyeblood, Sorry I nearly killed U, Bughunt, Doing time, Wail of the Banshee, La Shoshain, Kenzis heartbreak, Besties, Lets stick with pizza, Lounging around and Succubusted!!

Montage 2










Drink O’clock, Temptation, Ur big plan is to woo?With Cleavage!, Family Reunion, Drink O’clock AGAIN, Waking from a dream, Broken hearted, So thats why hes called The Eye, Hot Bitch Rehab, Lapdances, Implants, Strippers, Oh My!, Las Vegas for your crotch, Dont be jealous, Shoe Fetish, Betrayal, and For your amusement, The Old Switcharoo!!


Team Effort
Kirsty @WriteItFeelIt
Jordan @indianajane72
Curt @Faenonymous

To Anna and Ksenia. With Love from all of us xoxo

Our Lost Girl includes Trick and Hale

This show is a whole,

Elements missing,

Would rip it apart,

For Trick and Hale,

are a strength,

That makes Lost Girl prevail,

Characters that bring humour,


Something more to be seen,

How many scenes unfinished,

Would there be,

Lost Girl would definitely be lost.

This article is based on the original that can be found here

As many of you know on the opening credits of Lost Girl K.C Collins (Hale) and Rick Howland (trick) are only noted as recurring characters and therefore can be cut from the show at any time. Many of you are already trying to change this in which I offer full support.

Please spare a tweet or two for the following My #LostGirl includes Trick & Hale! @lostgirlseries @showcasedotca

Let’s see if we can get this world wide trending and spread it to all other fans.

Thank you for your support.

Also in support of this we all could change our pics to trick or hale or a combination of both.


We’re all running from our past,

Fighting to catch something,

Or fighting to be caught,

Jumping at our shadow,

Trying to forget,

That pieces of the puzzle,

We just want to lose,

You make me feel safer,

You’re everything I want to be,

As you try to hide that piece,

You hold my heart in your hand.

Hidden Depths

As usual I write a poem on the analysis of lost girl it’s very Lauren and Dyson orientated and how I think they’re feeling.


Feeling of numbness and pain,

How you love me the same,

You hide so well,

Will I ever be the same?

Our desire can be hidden depths of our soul,

Only brought by the light of another,

Or seen by the eyes of another,

My eyes can lie,

But my soul know no boundry,

Those you hold close,

Never let go,

Your saviour,

Whether you know it yet,

Or not.


Torn between what’s here,

And what’s gone,

What maybe here tomorrow,

Or long gone,

Will you be resurrected?

Like the truth,

Will I be torn between,

Dark and light,

Don’t let me be governed by your soul tonight,

For I am living,

Like never before,

Don’t bring sorrow to my door.

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