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Is there anyone out there?

Hear you calling,

I hear my name whispered,

Through the tapping,
Of the rain,
A guide,

With wise words,
Who would never shone me,
Would feel my pain.


World War or some other disaster

I’m responsible for World War 2,

Titanic too,

Iceberg right ahead,

Was I the one two blind two see it,

Of course not you weren’t born till 89,

Why can I taste the salt of the sea?

Here the bombs blazing,

Was I a coward who run and hid?

Will I go down in history as a champion?

Or another name on a gravestone.

The Notion


Ponder the notion,

The lost motion,

Of how to breathe.

Pen of curiosity

Pen of curiosity,

Pen of dreams,

As the ink hits the paper,

Imagination lay on the page,

Careful not to smudge,

Or maybe lost forever,

Curiosity burning,

Hopefully not the page,

With your dreams .

Letter to friend part 1

Hello everyone in preparation of welcoming the new year I am clearing out the notes off my phone therefore there may be quite a few posts over the next two days.

letter to friend part 1


Don’t know if you remember me,

We use to be friends,

But you moved away,

Hope you don’t mind,

I got your address from a friend,

Hope it’s the right house,

How are you doing?

It’s been a long time.

Whole world at your feet


The whole wide web,

Wealth of information,

Galaxy far away,

Or just down the road,

Millions of friends,

Opportunities ,

Yet feel so alone,

Nothing worth learning.

The Disappearance

Melting like a snowflake,

Landing on the ground,


Disappearing into the sky,

Like a lullaby,


Floating to the sea bed,

Like a lost dream.

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