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Death of the Media or fresh start on a new path?

Death of the Media or fresh start on a new path?

The Media a source for good used to promote inform on global activities or this is what its main use once was, recent activities have changed the aspect of media and possibly the public’s view forever.

The media used in different forms socially such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs personal and business the internet advertisements, emails, television, notice boards, music, radio and other forms. However the most traditional form of media but still a successful form is newspapers.

The statement don’t believe what you read never a truer word spoken, although ironically it is probably the truth which is the most headline hitting aspect of the media and how they come by the media.

The media was once commonly known for being a bit evasive with the truth being more accurate than ever.  Is this a Coincidence? How about possibly more accurate sources? Is it In-depth research and more sources through modern technology?

All these reasons could be a viable possibility for the advance in information, who would have thought newspapers would stoop so low that to sell their publications they would resort to bribery, phone hacking and other poor forms of collecting information. Once a media savvy game of who is the best and quickest to report stories now a game of malicious intent forced upon the mass media.

Too far ,but is there any going back from here can the media be ever trusted again feeding the minds of the innocent with what can only be described as ill gotten gains, truths that should not have been revealed.

The UK economy is in disarray, yet a scandal as this could weaken the economy further that can trust what they are seeing or hearing. Doubt in the public’s minds, the customers and what about the victims?

Well we have stopped hearing about them, full concentration on those who wrong through the media, names still in public view. Is this really fair they are not the wrongs suffering for what they have done they will simply move on.

Some have called for a ‘Hippocratic oath ‘of the media world, others just want answers of why. For the media, especially tabloids to recover have a future something needs to be put in place and changes made. Will the media to be trusted again? Probably not but something has to be done.

At the moment the media newspaper in particular are in turmoil but eventually this could be the beginning of new things for the media a fresh start that could change things for the better something that may not have happened if the truth about the media had not been revealed.

Only time will tell but everyone is watching.


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