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Nirvana for Christmas number one

Are you sick of manufactured pop? X factor Christmas number ones?

If the answers to these questions are yes than why not join in with the Current promotion for the classic Nirvana track, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ to be Christmas number one of 2011.

For many the X factor has rained the number one spot for far too long, similar to the 2009 campaign in which for Rage Against The Machine successfully reached the Christmas top spot the campaigners are now trying to do it again.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is one of Nirvana’s most successful tracks originally released in 1991 is a powerful song strong enough to keep competition off the number one spot.

However not everyone will agree that Nirvana should be number one and that the X factor winner should receive the honour of Christmas number one.

This is a split divide and only the public can decide on the result whoever the winner is it is likely to be a tight competition.

What do you think? Will you be buying the X factor winners song or the Nirvana classic?

Support for Nirvana for Christmas number one check out their Facebook page!/nirvanaforno1

End of an era

I have packed away all of my things from University, the DVD of my ceremony, my photo albums and packed them away into a pretty box possibly never to see daylight for some time. These are treasured memories I suppose you can say this is the end of an era for me, University was one of the biggest and most precious time of my life yes I got a brilliant degree but I also made friends for life. I wish them well for their future and hope for many to stay in touch. I am going to miss uni and I am already jealous of those who will return soon.

However life and time has to move on, I am now looking for work and continuing with my writing which so far I am having success which has surpassed my expectations. I have been writing a long time but to date I have only being blogging for 8 weeks. I have reached 1,100 views in this short period of time and have had a huge success which is only progressing.

As you will be able to see changes have happened I have added a music section and famous quote section and this blog is progressing as I am.

Onwards and upwards here is to a continuous successful blog and job hunting.

Thank you for reading


Death of the music industry or vital lifeline?

The music industry is in disarray more music is being downloaded illegally leaving artists at a disadvantage both financially and morally.

Although there has been an increase in the amount of young people also known as ‘teenie boppers’ or teen stars entering the industry and they are successfully dominating the charts all over the world.

Could these ‘teenie boppers’ be seen as adding further misery to the music industry by being allowed to release music that could be seen as cheesy with nonsense lyrics that are meaningless to most people. The so called music also completed with noise, covering the people ‘singing’.

These kids are successfully selling music  where others who were once successful are now struggling to compete. Is this a case of just allowing the teen stars to carry on selling their music and make their money while others struggle?

This could be a way forward for the music industry the more ‘music’ sold whatever the genre can only be a positive as people are still actually buying the alternative to not buying music is an alternative a musician does not want to think about.

As a fan of rock, some metal, blues,  pop and songs from the dance genre I have an eclectic taste and a strong passion for music I understand that musicians and fans are frustrated with the music industry and what is selling however I don’t feel people should be judged for being able to sell music to their fans however much to our distaste.

Musicians should learn that they will not always be able to sell to the minority but should produce music they love and sell music to their genuine fans. However their alternative solution is to change how they make their music, change to what is popular and try selling what is out there. Although by being a carbon copy of a successful artist is not likely to gain you more fans or make you more successful produce music you love stay true to your successful and to your fans.

The young musicians or artists who have been heavily praised or criticised for how they are making their money should carry on while they can, those who have been successful know that it does not last forever and should know to grab this opportunity with both hands.

Music that is being sold is still music those who criticise those who are selling are jealous of their success, need to concentrate on themselves and produce music for their fans.

If you want to change the way of the music industry and what is reaching the top of the charts buy your music don’t download it illegally and be proud of the music you write, play and love. Support in a difficult industry and a difficult time is key and being judgemental to others work will not bring success.

What are your thoughts ban musicians for poor quality try and beat them at their game by produce similar songs or stay true to yourself and be the best you can be for your fans?

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