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Sunk in foundations

Crumbling bricks and stone,

Sunk in foundations,

We will repair them,


As one,

As others just look on,

At what they caused,

Humanity what is that?

Your lights shining so bright,

Your foundations solid,

Why would you care.


Dark days,

Dark nights,

Thankful for the moonlight.

A tree rises above the ………….

A tree rises above the ground,

But the tip of its leaves it’s not its end,

For its root can travel for miles,

Like it soul never ending,

Even as it’s shed it skin,

And during the wait,

Of them growing again,

The tree never loses its identity,

Or it’s dignity,

The world of growth.

Lovely buttercups

Lovely buttercups

Suggested by Martin


Yellow or white,

Buttercups are a delight for the eyes,

Like sunshine itself,

Bighting your day,

Oh how I know when spring is here,

The lovely buttercup.

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