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Special Thank You!


This blog is a special thank you to you!

My wonderful readers of my blog, I have reached over 500 views in 35 days. I have achieved much more than expected, this I am extremely grateful for this thank you.

I never expected to reach this amount of views in 6 months not in  just under 6 weeks, I hope for many more views.

Blogging is allowing me to share my views, thoughts and most importantly part of me with you. In a sense it is a form of therapeutic release for me in which I am able to reveal to you.

If you have any views on what you would like improving or what you would like to see on my blog please let me know.

Thank you for the support and I hope this continues.

Keep watching for new blogs, thank you!

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Feel Free to post your own blog links on these sites, I love reading new things.



Keep writing!

Kirsty x

Write it feel it

Just a quick poem, what do you think?


Write it feel it

An adventure

Maybe something big


Write it feel it

A change for good

Something fresh and new.

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