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Strangers in the night

 Strangers passing in the night,

Moonlight figures,

Giving each other a fright,

As they laugh,

The wolves howl,

In sequence,

Parties of strangers come together,

Saviours they be,

Of the lonely night.


Staring into space


I protest,

That I’m still here…….

All alone,

You said you would keep me company,

For just one night,

Staring into space,

Where are you?

On this frosty, dark night.


Star Gazing

Star gazing,

Oh so bright,

Lighting the night sky,

They follow us,

They guide some,

Let the sky light up your life,

Take in the night sky tonight.

A Soulf For Sale

A soul for sale,

Pure and white,

On the blackest night,

Never faulted,

Never fallen,

Price negotiable,

For your delight,

On this the blackest night.


Tormented by your soul,

In the whispering of the night,

Like the wind howling down my ear,

Chilling to the bone.

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